1986 Excalibur

1986 Excalibur

Per Hour Rate
$125.00 / Hour (Following Day Rate)
Per Day Rate
$450.00 / Day (Day is 2 Hours)
4 Passengers
Black Leather Interior
Recommended Use: Bride & Groom Transportation | Photo Shoots | Proms | Date Night
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Our beautiful 1986 Excalibur is the perfect car to make a big statement with.  She is immaculate in all respects and her beautiful white finish insures that she stands out in a crowd.

In 1986 Excalibur manufactured on 40 of the motorcars.  Each car is custom hand crafted by skilled craftsmen.  This level of attention to detail insures that each car meets the company’s high standards.

This is not only a beautiful automobile but also a comfortable one that will efficiently whisk you away to any big event that you have planned.

Please note:  Day Rate consists of 2 hours.  Per/Hour Rate is the rate following the initial 2 hour day rate.