1957 MGA

1957 MGA with Model

1957 MGA

Per Hour Rate
$125.00 / Hour (Following Day Rate)
Per Day Rate
$375.00 / Day (Day is 2 Hours)
1 Passengers
Black Leather Interior
Recommended Use: Bride or Groom Arrival to church | Wedding or Engagement Photo Shoots
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Our MGA is a wonderful car for photo shoots.  If you’re a photographer looking for something to bring interest to your work or a couple doing an engagement shoot our car can bring unique interest to your pictures.

The MGA was imported from Great Britain from 1955 – 1962.  During that production run approximately 13,496 were manufactured.

The car originally cost between $2,270.00 and $2,620.00 depending upon equipment.

The car came equipped with a 93hp engine.  It had a top speed of approximately 97mph and accelerated from 0 – 60 in 16 seconds.