1929 Buick

1929 Buick Limo

1929 Buick

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$125.00 / Hour (Following Day Rate)
Per Day Rate
$450.00 / Day (Day is 2 Hours)
4 Passengers
Plush cloth Interior
Recommended Use: Bride & Groom Transportation | Photo Shoots | Prom | Date Nights
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The 1929 Buick was designed to be one of General Motors luxury brands.  It was positioned just below its Flagship brand of Cadillac and above its mid-tier brand of Pontiac.  Due to it’s positioning the car featured advanced styling for it’s day and was well appointed.  The 1929 Buick was one of Harley Earl’s first projects.  Those who follow automotive history will recognize Mr. Earl as the creator of the original Corvette.

In an era where black cars were the norm Buick broke new ground by offering the car in 43 different paint colors.  The car also featured many new technical innovations for the day which made it a very popular car.  There were 196,104 1929 Buick’s manufactured.  The car originally sold for $1,195.00 – $1,320.00 depending upon equipment.

This is a stunning example of classic Detroit steel and is comfortable to travel in.  It’s a wonderful way to travel to your wedding and reception venues.  The car will also be available for photos.

Special night out, this is the way to make an impression.