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About Timeless Limos

In 2004 Gary Dolderer was living in Vermont and in the process of transitioning from a highly successful career with companies such as American Express and wondering what comes next.  Over the years Gary was a classic car enthusiast and began wondering if he could marry his love of cars with his love of business.

Gary decided to see if any of his classic cars might be put into service as wedding limousines.  Surely others would appreciate his magnificent pieces of automotive history almost as much as he did.

He began placing advertisements in local businesses and the brides came.  All of them were excited to be able to make a statement for their wedding beyond the traditional boring limousine.  The rest as they say was history.  Gary and his cars were a hit!

In time Gary decided to relocate to Florida.  He began talking to fellow classic car enthusiasts in Florida and after answering their questions they wanted to join Gary in providing unique limousine services in the South Florida market.

From those humble but solid beginnings Timeless Limos was born.

Gary is constantly speaking with other classic car owners in an effort to bring his clients more beautiful automobile options that add to the excitement to any special day.